David Bowden


Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors regulated by RICS

David Bowden is a Chartered Building Surveyor who specialises in neighbourly matters, including party walls, rights to light, boundaries, easements, and daylight and sunlight for planning.

David Bowden is a founding director of Urban Building Surveyors in London.

He specialises in party walls, rights to light and other rights across boundaries.

For over twenty five years David Bowden has had the pleasure and privilege of working with many clients on a wide range of projects advising on and successfully resolving many complex disputes and issues.

David is very knowledgeable about the effects of construction work including noise and vibration, light obstruction and pollution, and electromagnetic radiation. He has extensive experience in their control both in practical terms and legally under party wall, planning, and pollution legislation, and at common law.

David Bowden enjoys working with clients and other professionals to facilitate construction in the urban environment, to help maximise site use, to minimise costs and delays caused by or to neighbours, and to safeguard the rights of owners of land and buildings from building works and associated activities nearby.

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